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 At IOSS, our commitment lies in delivering top-tier, streamlined services catered specifically to the dynamic and ever-evolving Oil and Gas industry. As seasoned oil industry workers, our mission revolves around meeting and surpassing our clientele's demands. IOSS understand the cost associated with downtime via leveraging our highly skilled and proficient workforce who understand the requirements of such a high-demand industry; IOSS aims to encompass all facets and the specialised needs of the industry, catering to the diverse requirements for pipeline repairs constriction Valve and part sourcing. Tracking down specialised Parts, Equipment personnel, and Camp Services for grass-roots companies, multinational corporations, and local supply chains is a personal favourite.



                  WELL PATCHES

Purpose: Well patches strengthen, seal, or reconnect small sections of damaged well casing.

Method: Internal patches are used for wells as they bond to the inside wall of the well. This differs from external patching, which involves placing metal over the damaged area and welding or strapping it to the outside of the pipe.

Design: A healthy patch is typically a wedged or corrugated piece of steel with an unfolded diameter equal to the well’s internal diameter. When pressed into the well’s walls, it joins the patch and casing together, creating a more robust, healthy section.

Strength Enhancement: The patch’s unfolded design, combined with tension pressure and roundness, significantly increases the collapse strength in the repaired area.


When You Need an Extra Hand

 SHEET METAL PIPELINES REFINERY                                   



IOSS is your reliable partner for executing and completing EPC jobs within the petrochemical industry. With our extensive knowledge, skills, and support, we can effectively carry out projects of various types and sizes, including refinery and pipeline construction, shutdowns, and other construction jobs. Regardless of scale and complexity, we can ensure that your project is completed on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards. Trust IOSS to deliver outstanding results.

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