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Looking for specialist equipment? Look no further than Intrenoss! Our team is here to help you arrange all the equipment you need. Contact us now to get started.

 Let’s talk about what International Oil Supplies & Services can do for you.


"Looking for top quality safety equipment and personal protection gear? Look no further than IOSS! Our extensive range of products ensures that you stay safe and protected at all times. From hard hats to safety goggles, we've got you covered. Shop now and experience peace of mind knowing you have the best gear available to keep you safe on the job."


PPE Apparel 
Extensive range of Safety Equipment 
Height Safety Equipment

Emergency Warning Devices

Harness Range

Gas Detectors

and much more

Refined Products

  1. Crude "Crude Oil #1
    API between 34 and 34.8
     Sulphur content: 0.294 to 0.535
    Minimum order: 1 million barrels.

  2. Jet Fuel 
     Jet fuel, manufactured to international standards, is available for purchase with a minimum order quantity of 1 million metric tons.

  3. ULSD Diesel 10ppm                          MOQ:  50,000 MT

  4. ULP: 87 Octane                                MOQ: 100,000 MT

  5. PULP: 93 Octane                              MOQ: 100,000 MT

  6. LPG (Bulk or T75)                              MOQ: 100,000 MT 

  7. Light Cycle Oil (LCO)                         MOQ: 100,000 MT

  8. Bitumen Asphalt grade                        MOQ:  50,000 MT

  9. Urea fertiliser grade                            MOQ:  50,000 MT

    MOQ   = Minimum Order Quantity

Dust Suppression
Micro Dust Suppression
Water Cannons

Spray Misting

Micro Mist Solutions

 Micro Mist Solutions are uniquely beneficial in dust suppression. 

Outdoor Cooling
Utilize our beneficial range of   patio and open outdoor cooling solutions​.

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